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No matter what your industry, a well-designed website is essential in today’s business world. In Edmonton’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses need sites that elevate them above their competition, drive positive results, and foster sustained growth.

While an influx of low-cost tools has made building a website easier than ever, crafting user-focused experiences that engage audiences and (more importantly) generate results requires high-level expertise. It’s not enough to just be online; your website should serve to drive traffic, generate leads, and consistently drive results for your business.

A New Approach with Atrium

Your website has never been more important for driving your business’ long-term success. As part of a reliable marketing system, a high-performance web presence will allow you to invest in your business’ future confidently, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

As a multi-disciplinary team with over 20 years’ experience, Atrium Digital has the expertise to take your web presence to new heights. We are the first digital marketing agency offering Marketing Systems Engineering (MSE), a unique approach designed to deliver consistent marketing performance over time. We apply Systems Engineering principles to transform your website into a marketing platform tailored to your business’ needs. We find data-driven design solutions to modern marketing challenges, giving you a competitive advantage in a crowded landscape.

Award-Winning Web Development

You already create world-class experiences for your clients. Your website should show prospective customers the quality and attention-to-detail that elevates you above your competition!

Our Website Design and Development programs bring together the best aspects of your brand to build unique and compelling web experiences for your potential customers. Our talented Web Designers and User Experience (UX) specialists use real-world user insights to engineer web solutions uniquely tailored to your business’ needs.

Our Approach

Our web development team works with our clients from start to finish to build quality websites serving their needs. No matter how complex the project, our dedicated team of experts is committed to engineering world-class products that help your stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Our thorough, systematic approach to web design includes:

Background & Discovery

Our team will work with your organization to determine your unique needs. Together, we’ll establish a baseline to begin development, including target audience, goals and features.

Sitemap, Design Board, & Wireframe (UX)

We continue by collecting your design preferences and establish a creative direction for your site. We use wireframe guides to ensure optimal user experience points (UX). Finally, we set a content collection tool for the sitemap to start compiling content.

Concept Visual Design

Before construction begins, you’ll be able to browse a clickable design concept for your new website. Working with your team, we gather feedback through multiple revision sessions before finalizing the design.

Webpage Layout & Setup

Once the design is completed and content is gathered, we begin your site’s construction on a development URL. We install all necessary plugins and editing tools and apply the approved design before beginning testing.

Quality Control, Testing, & Launch

Once construction is complete, our team will run comprehensive testing and quality control on every aspect of your new site. Once approved by you, your new website will be ready to launch!

The Benefits of Working With Us

Superior Back-End Management

We produce custom themes that integrate with award-winning visual editors to make editing your website a breeze!

No-Questions-Asked Warranty

We offer a 60 day no-questions-asked warranty period to ensure your website performs as it should, and are always available for future upgrades.

Hosting Solutions

Sub-par hosting can impact your user experience, load speeds, and search ranking on Google. We help our clients find hosting solutions that meet their needs and goals.

Updates & Maintenance.

Websites are meant to adapt and change over time. As new features become available, your website should have a team behind it to keep it up-to-date. Businesses need a dependable upgrade procedure and policies; we help our clients develop post-launch update and maintenance cycles to keep your website fresh and functional.

Marketing Systems & Routines

Just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come. Unlock your new website’s full potential with Atrium’s unique Marketing Systems Engineering (MSE) approach to digital marketing. Leverage your new website to generate consistent results as part of our Search Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Marketing, Content Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization programs.

Built to Serve Your Web Development Needs

Headquartered in Edmonton, Atrium offers consistently engineered solutions to our clients across North America. Whether you’re developing an all-new site or looking to take your web presence to the next level, Atrium will help you engineer scalable marketing solutions empowering to grow your business with confidence.

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