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Atrium is a Digital Marketing Agency created to provide consistent results through an innovative Marketing Systems Engineering approach to marketing platforms & routines.

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Where We’re Headed: The Future of Digital Marketing

Where will the future of digital and online marketing lead us? Read here to find out more.

Paid Advertising vs. Organic Search Marketing

Is Paid Search or Organic Search Marketing better for your business? We weigh the benefits and the negatives of both so you can decide for yourself.

Digital Marketing for Your Business: A Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide developed to help business owners understand current digital marketing trends and why it is important to develop a strategy for your business.

How to Measure Digital Marketing ROI

Evaluating your return on investment (ROI) is a critical component of any marketing strategy. However, actually measuring return on investment can be challenging for businesses and marketing professionals. In an industry dominated by buzzwords like “viral content” and “engagement,” it can be tricky to determine which metrics most closely align with your organization’s bottom line.

Guide to Resilient Businesses Post COVID-19

Perspective: COVID-19 has brought unique challenges to Business Owners. Once safety is secured, learn how to build a resilient business in face of uncertainty.

Top Tools for Marketing Professionals in 2020

In 2020, digital marketers have a near-infinite number of tools available to them to run their digital media programs. From client management and email marketing to social media and web analytics, there’s no shortage of resources available for organizations looking to automate and optimize their marketing routines.

5 Steps to Getting Started in Online Advertising

For over 25 years, online advertising has been a staple of digital marketing. Since the first banner ad went live on October 27, 1994, the world of online advertising has grown into an industry unto itself, with experts and specialists building their entire businesses and careers around getting messages in front of a digital audience.

Getting Started with Search Marketing

Search marketing is rapidly becoming a critical component of many organizations’ marketing mixes. With its relatively low cost and significant ROI, search marketing best practices are a valuable tool for any marketing professional to deploy in their business.

How to Set and Track Your Marketing Goals

Marketing tools do not make a marketing strategy, but they do allow it to be fulfilled. HubSpot is a popular and approachable marketing toolset built for Marketing Professionals and Business Leaders. Learn how you can boost your marketing success using HubSpot to Understanding Your Audience, Plan Your Marketing Mix, and Evaluation & Optimizing for Growth.

How to Use HubSpot to Boost Your Marketing Success

Marketing tools do not make a marketing strategy, but they do allow it to be fulfilled. HubSpot is a popular and approachable marketing toolset built for Marketing Professionals and Business Leaders. Learn how you can boost your marketing success using HubSpot to Understanding Your Audience, Plan Your Marketing Mix, and Evaluation & Optimizing for Growth.

Search Marketing

Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts

Online Advertising

Online Advertising uses the internet to deliver promotional & highly targeted marketing messages to consumers.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing bring businesses, product and ideas into communication with the lives and passions of customers.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of adapting and focusing company & product information across various mediums.

Website Design & Development

 Websites play a critical role in digital marketing and online buying behaviours. Landing Pages, eCommerce Websites and Promotional Websites act as a hub for brands to communicate with their visitors. Well designed custom websites seek to maximize the value & understanding of both business and visitor.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization is a system that aims to increase the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, leads, sales, follows or other desired action on a webpage. CRO programs allows website platforms, and programs that drive traffic to them to maximize the value of both efforts.

Modern Marketing Results are Engineered

Marketing Systems deliver 
dependable results.

Our Approach

Marketing Systems
Engineering (MSE)

Atrium is the world’s first Marketing Engineering company. Through our unique MSE approach we build consistent marketing results for clients around the globe through intelligently combined programs & platforms matched to their businesses.


Over 20 Years Experience
Engineering Results

Since 2000 Atrium has been building results for growth-driven Marketing Professionals, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

We have worked with Atrium for a few years and are extremely happy with the services they provide. They are quick to respond to any questions I have and are patient at explaining and making suggestions. They designed our website and we consistently receive feedback from our clients about how much they love it and how easy it is to navigate. Our traffic gen program is working extremely well and is producing increased traffic on a consistent basis. We have recently started with a CRO program and are already seeing very positive results. All of the staff are great to work with especially Chris, Jordan and Meghan. Love working with these guys!

Pam Horne
Marketing Manager, Cornerstone Theatre

Helping recognizable brands build
dependable digital marketing systems.

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Atrium Digital

We are a Digital Marketing Agency built from the ground up to develop & manage reliable marketing systems for modern businesses.

Atrium is the world’s first digital marketing agency that applies Marketing Systems Engineering (MSE) principles for growth-driven businesses across North America and strategic markets around the world. We have built our model to support Marketing & Sales Managers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that seek consistency in their digital marketing performance in an era of technology-driven marketing and data-driven decision making.

We have built a global team of Digital Marketing Specialists & MSE Experts that represent the best skills and abilities needed for modern competitive marketing programs. Combining our 20 years of experience and our innovative MSE model, our teams expand the capabilities of our clients’ own internal marketing teams with specialized knowledge and the benefits of scalability and structure. Speak with our marketing pros today to learn how we can help you!