Online Advertising

Online Advertising and digital ads are one of the simplest methods to use the benefits of the internet to help expand your marketing efforts, reach new audiences, and amplify your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Advertising?

Online Advertising is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

What are the differences between the different ad strategies? (E.g. Display, PPC, Search, Remarketing, Video Pre-roll etc.)

Display: Visual ads presented to a broad audience in a variety of placements across third-party websites used by your target audience. These ads often gain visual exposure or can result in demand outside of your audience’s immediate time of need.

PPC (Search): Traditionally referring to Google Search, ads seen at the tops of Google Search results pages. These ads are used to target visitors already in the process of searching for a solution or product.

Remarketing: Ads targeted at past visitors to your website. Cookies allow ads to be shown across third-party websites to these past visitors allowing your brand to receive multiple exposures which have been shown to increase conversion potential. This strategy is best for longer purchase decisions.

Video Pre-roll: Ads placed before video content on popular video sites (Ex. YouTube). This is often a great way to reach a target audience through associating with similar interests, needs or topics they view on video.

There are many other forms of digital advertising. The ones listed above are the most common. Have something else in mind? We would be happy to discuss your needs.

What Ad Networks do you work with?

We specialize in: Google Display Ads, Google PPC Search Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ad Networks, YouTube Video Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Twitter Ads.

We are often revisiting and expanding this list as marketing needs and platforms change.

How do you determine which ad networks will produce the most ROI?

Advertising is a strategy driven by data to gain the best results. We use a variety of advertising forecasting tools, client research, and trends. Our advertising programs also use detailed analytics and reporting to adapt, optimize, and improve the performance of the campaigns over time. Often our clients achieve well above average campaign results compared to their industry peers.

How much advertising spend should be allocated for the campaign to be viable?

Ad Budgets vary widely from industry to industry. Budgets are typically matched to the business goals and available network forecasts specific to your campaign needs. Typically when starting an optimized ad program, we suggest minimum budgets values in order to get the strongest ROI and gain enough data to properly optimize the campaigns for long-term results growth.

How long does it take to generate ROI from an Online Advertising campaign?

Advertising programs benefit from their immediate impact potential. ROI can be immediate. With a properly executed scope and set priorities, many organizations can expect to results as soon as the first quarter.

Which advertising networks can we expand our program to include?

We offer advertising programs on a variety of ad networks (see ‘What Ad Networks do you work with?’).

Do you do ‘out-of-home’ advertising or ‘billboard’ advertising?

No. Atrium is a Digital Marketing Agency. We specialize in marketing strategies, programs, platforms, and routines within the online environment, focused on gaining consistent results. Traditional advertising such as ‘out-of-home’ or ‘billboard’ ads do not fit within our focus of expertise.

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