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Search Marketing is one of the best methods to gain long-term, consistent traffic to your website from highly motivated visitors that are already in the process of seeking a solution or product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Marketing?

Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.

How do you choose the topics to write about?

Our SEO Specialists, Content Writers, and Program Strategists balance a number of priorities to determine which ‘search terms’ we want to select as a focus. The goal is to have these terms return rankings and organic traffic growth on a consistent basis. Our team uses a combination of internal research, client discovery, and third-party analytics tools to forecast search demand, determine the content impact, and match to target visitor behaviours for the best results.

How long after I approve my content is it posted?

Search marketing is a long-term program aimed at gaining relevancy over time. Content is published on your website to maximize the impact on your rankings with Google (and other search engines). For best results, content is scheduled to be posted as soon as possible to maximize the speed at which ranking improvements will be achieved.

What’s the difference between ‘keywords’ and ‘topics’?

Keywords: A set of ‘keywords’ or a string of content that represents a possible search query on a search engine. May take the form of a specific subject, term, or question entered into a search engine.

Topics: The focal narrative or subject matter focus of a specific piece of content on a website. Topics are selected to match the relevant target keyword(s) from an SEO perspective. Topics may help to frame the purpose and content of a webpage, blog or landing page on a website.

Do you only focus on Google optimization?

No, we focus on all search engines. However, Google is currently the dominant search engine (90.7% of total search). Other search engines often follow the standard set by Google for their algorithm, resulting in similar ranking improvements on these other search engines, when first achieved on Google.

My keywords and topics sometimes seem redundant, Why?

Search engine results depend heavily on your website’s ability to showcase your authority as an expert on the topics and keywords for which you wish to rank well. As a guided program, Search Marketing’s aim is to build content with a variety of perspectives, detail, and value to a large audience that may be interested in this topic. This results in your website being shown in the search results more frequently and higher than less relevant websites on that topic.

How long does it take to generate ROI from a Search Marketing program?

Search traffic is often one of the strongest long-term options for getting top ROI from your marketing efforts. It is the starting point to then turn your website traffic into leads, sales or results through your website’s conversion points. Search Marketing is traditionally a long-term marketing approach to gaining quality targeted organic search traffic. A website’s ability to rank well for target search terms and gain the highest quality traffic will depend on several factors: your competition, your website’s authority on the topic, the size of the audience, your geographic target region, and more. We recommend that Search Marketing be considered a strong, dependable part of your marketing mix in the long-term. With a properly executed scope and set priorities, many organizations can expect to see results in as soon as 6 months.

Can I still write my own content for my website and blog while working with you?

Absolutely! However, our program is a directed program aimed at achieving results. In order to achieve the best results, we work closely with your team to ensure that we are not getting in the way of your goals, and work to ensure the same from your team’s content.

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