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How Can A Digital Marketing Agency Create A Successful Strategy for Your Business in Edmonton
22 Feb, 2023
By atriumadmin

Are you looking for a social media marketing agency to help your business grow in Edmonton?

Let us help you!

We have worked with many businesses in various industries across North America to help them grow their online presence, increase their lead generation and provide consistent results. Learn more about Atrium’s data-driven digital marketing strategies below!

atriums strategies are engineered for your unique industry

1. Atrium’s Strategies are Engineered For Your Unique Industry 

Unlike many digital marketing agencies in Edmonton, Atrium Digital engineers its digital marketing strategies based on each unique industry. Our marketing strategies are built by specialists in every field of digital marketing, including ads, social media, search marketing, CRO and more! We use various digital marketing tools to ensure data-driven and consistent results throughout all our strategies.

For more than 25 years, Atrium Digital has partnered with many business owners in various industries. Whether we’re running a Social Media, Search, Ads or CRO program, we ensure that our marketing strategies are tailored to the businesses’ unique industry. For instance, our content specialists change the content’s tone, messaging, and verbiage to relate to consumers in different industries. Our social media and ads specialists cater their designs, content, target audience and online interactions with customers to the specific needs of each industry.

At Atrium, no two digital marketing strategies are alike – each strategy is unique for your business and your industry.

atrium digital strategies

2. Atrium’s Strategies Change According To Your Target Audience and Their Buyer’s Journey

One of the most critical factors that contribute to the behaviour of your online target audience is the buyer’s journey. With every online purchase, the target audience travels through three different stages until they press on the “buy now” or “contact us today!” call-to-action.

The first stage of the buyer’s journey is the awareness stage. During this time, your target audience is facing a problem in their personal or professional life. They are feeling frustrated and are looking for a product or a service that can help them overcome their obstacles. Their goal during the awareness stage is to start looking for a solution – most of the time, a buyer will start looking online for a suitable product or service. Once they’ve found a solution, the buyer then moves onto the second stage, which is the consideration stage.

During the consideration stage, the buyer has clearly identified their problem and is actively looking for a solution and might have even found a couple of prospective products or services. In this stage, the buyer looks for educational material to compare the different products or services and determine the best suited for their needs.

After buyer’s research, online buyers move to the decision stage of their buyer’s journey, where they have chosen the product or service they need. In the decision stage, buyers are considered qualified leads ready to add the product to their cart, request a quote or speak with a sales representative to make their final purchase decision. 

At Atrium, we create a unique and tailored digital marketing strategy for buyers at each stage. Our team studies online behaviours and analyzes the online patterns of buyers in each stage to create a successful and data-driven digital marketing strategy for your business. Each marketing strategy is built to cater to your particular target audience and where they are in their buyer’s journey. 

atriums strategies are designed different for every online platform

3. Atrium’s Strategies are Designed Differently For Every Online Platform

Many businesses fall victim to digital marketing agencies in Edmonton, where they are promised a successful digital marketing strategy only to realize that the agency’s marketing efforts are the same across every online platform.

Businesses are often disappointed when the same content, links, designs and strategies are implemented across each online platform. The evolution of digital marketing throughout the years has transformed the way target audiences use online platforms. Visual content performs better on some platforms, while written content performs better on other online platforms. It’s essential to have a devised and tailored digital marketing strategy that considers the differences between each online platform.

Similar to creating different marketing strategies for various industries, target audiences and stages of the buyer’s journey, Atrium designs tailored digital marketing strategies for each online platform. Throughout our 25 years in the digital marketing industry, we have witnessed the changes in users’ online behaviours and pivoted with the shifts to create and implement consistent and data-driven digital marketing strategies for businesses in Edmonton.

As a social media marketing agency with our head office in Edmonton, Atrium has helped many businesses grow their online presence, increase their lead generation and maintain consistent results throughout their digital marketing strategies.

Ready To Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Book a free consultation today with one of our marketing specialists to get started! If you’re looking for more information, check out our blog: Tips On Digital Marketing Strategies For Businesses In Edmonton.